Publications in the ESD Field:


"Methods of controlling Static Electricity"

Paper presented at the National Seminar on Electro-Static Hazards conducted by the Loss Prevention Society of India on Feb 19 (1999) at Hyderabad, India.

"Electro-Static Discharges as a hazard and control of such hazards"

Proceedings of the National Seminar on Fireworks safety ’99 held during July 17-18 at Mepco- Schlenk college of Engineering, Madurai, India.

"Latest trends in Electro-Static Discharge Controls"

Paper presented at workshop conducted by Componex Electronic India at Bangalore (2002) During Jan 30th – 31st, 2002

"Cleanroom and ESD – conflict or compromise"

Paper presented at by Componex Electronic India (2003) at Bangalore held during Jan 21st – 24th (2003)

"Electro- Static Discharge Hazards in Chemical and Bio-Chemical Processes"

Chemical Engineering World (2005) Vol.40 (1) p,82

"ESD Models – General applicability"

Paper presented at CONQUEST 2006 workshop, Hyderabad

ESD in the "Woven Sack Industry and Static"

-Dr.C.S.Sudheendranath and Raj Kiran -Paper circulated the Indian Woven Sack Industries Associations to its members (Jun-2008)

"Understanding Static Charging Through Chemical Models" Part-I

-Dr.C.S.Sudheendranath Global SMT India Volume –9 No.1(2009)

"Understanding Static Charging Through Chemical Models" Part-II

-Dr.C.S.Sudheendranath Global SMT India Volume –March(2009)

"Understanding Static Charging Through Chemical Models" Part-III

-Dr.C.S.Sudheendranath Global SMT India Volume –25th May(2009)

Dr.C.S.Sudheendranath Biography has been included in the latest edition (26th Edition-2009) of “Who’s Who in the World.” Published by Marquis, USA.

An interview with the news paper “Bangalore Mirror”(Times of India publication) on Electro Static Discharge and its Control

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