In reality an Electro Static Discharge(ESD) occurs from the human resource to the metal. While this is a common experience in everyday life, ESD can have very serious consequences in many industries leading to economic losses, infrastructure losses and loss of human life. Thus a proper ESD control program is very essential for any industry which faces problems due to ESD.

ESDMC specialises in management of electrostatic discharge and offer a variety of consultancy services including training, auditing, electrostatic discharge control, etc.,

1. Can power ground be used as ESD ground ?

 There are three options for ESD grounding
 a.The best option is to have dedicated ESD ground
 b.The next best option to use Equipment ground as ESD ground
 c.The Satisfactory (Not the best) option is to use power ground for ESD grounding for ESD grounding purpose.

2. Can people differ in their Body Capacitance ?


3. Do conductors get charged with static ?

Yes, static can be measured on isolated conductors.

4. How many Heel Straps should one wear ?

Two Heel straps when movement is involved. Every half walking cycle a foot loses contact with ground.

5. Is Bonding different from Grounding ?

A bonding is establishing contact with any two surfaces.
Grounding is a special case of bonding of one surface with the ground.

6. Should ESD Footwear be worn on bare foot ?

Not necessary, any socks can be worn people sweat inside shoes. This sweat layer establishes conduction between shoe and the ESD sole.

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