• Client : Leading MNC manufacturer of electronic devices


    Challenge : To standardise process of management of electrostatic discharge control over multiple locations of manufacturing units with over 4500 workforce.

    Approach : ESD Management Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd visited each of the units and thoroughly studied the processes at each of the centres. The team of professionals also recommended a blueprint to monitor and update statistics of Hazard Analysis and ESD control that can be monitored real time by the management.

    Solution :

    • 1) Implementation of electrostatic discharge Control at all work Stations
    • 2) Created a Management Muster whereby the ESD Control Status could be studied by the management at any of their Stations.
    • 3) Derive realtime statistics of hazard Analysis at various manufacturing units
    • 4) Created and implemented a computer-based reporting System which could be studied by the Management at any time and comparisons could be carried out at different Real time intervals to assess the electrostatic discharge Control Process.

    Merits :

    • ✔ Enhance in quality of devices
    • ✔ Reduction in rejections
    • ✔ Improved bottom line
    • ✔ Real time monitoring and control lead to confidence in the management
    • ✔ Enhanced brand value and customer delight.

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