• Client : Govt. Recognised Electricity Meters / billing devices Manufacturer


    Challenge : Lack of awarenesss of ESD and it’s impact is causing huge losses to industries across the spectrum. During the process of calibration of meters, static charge reduced the precision and reliability of meters, leading to returns and also economic loss to the ex-chequer.

    Approach : Professional team of certified experts audited the manufacturers premises and studied the various processes, analysed the generation of static charge and it’s impacts on meters used for billing.

    Solution : Primary objective was to address the education and awareness creation of all workers in the factory, followed by implementation of ESD safety and standards to reduce the rejection rate of meters.

    Team of production managers were trained by certified professionals from ESD Management Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd to ensure no further damage on account of electrostatic discharge.

    Merits :

    • ✔ Drastically reduced the rejection rate
    • ✔ Education and awareness led reduced risks to human life
    • ✔ Training of resources lead to professionalism in managing electrostatic discharge
    • ✔ Reduction of losses owing to lower rejection rate
    • ✔ Renewal of Govt contracts, as quality of meters improved tremendously
    • ✔ Increased profits for State ex-chequer
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