• Client :Leading manufacturer of Entertainment Fireworks in South India


    Challenge : Static initiated explosions or fires at the Fireworks manufacturing units, which are disastrous both to personnel and raw materials. These fires would not only affect human safety but also destroy property, negatively impacting the business operations, leading to losses, negative PR and dilution in brand equity.

    Approach : The client invited ESD Management Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd, to conduct an comprehensive ESD Control Audit and provide an insight into the causes of these disasters, combined with total solution for electro static discharge Management.

    Solution : Professionals at ESD Management Services Pvt Ltd audited the premises of the manufacturing unit, and were able to identify the causes of the static charge being generated and measure the static charge at the manufacturing unit.

    Certified ESD expertise identified Critical Areas where electrostatic discharge control devices should be implemented. Through actual onsite measurements, the team identified and recommended safe storage facilities for Static Generating Raw Materials where the critical Mass would be hazardous. A complete demonstration was conducted to educate the factory workers, staff and the management at the manufacturing unit.

    Merits :

    • ✔ Control of electrostatic discharge curtailed disasters
    • ✔ Human safety leading to production delight!
    • ✔ Reduced risks due to safety measures implemented
    • ✔ Reduction in losses owing to safe storage of valuable raw materials
    • ✔ Increase in profitability
    • ✔ Enhanced brand value
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