• Case study No. 1

    Client : Leading manufacturer of Entertainment Fireworks in South India

    Challenge : Static initiated explosions or fires at the Fireworks manufacturing units, which are disastrous both to personnel and raw materials. These fires would not only affect human safety but also destroy property, negatively impacting the business operations, leading to losses, negative PR and dilution in brand equity.


  • Case study No. 2

    Client : Govt. Recognised Electricity Meters / billing devices Manufacturer

    Challenge : Lack of awarenesss of ESD and it’s impact is causing huge losses to industries across the spectrum. During the process of calibration of meters, static charge reduced the precision and reliability of meters, leading to returns and also economic loss to the ex-chequer.


  • Case study No. 3

    Client : Leading MNC manufacturer of electronic devices

    Challenge : To standardise process of management of electrostatic discharge control over multiple locations of manufacturing units with over 4500 workforce.


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